Contributing to Testplan framework is easy.

  1. Clone the github repository.

  2. Make a pull request with your <github-id>_dco.rst by using this form.

    1. If you wish to maintain anonymity, you can email us that document instead.
  3. Along with your code contribution, make sure you:

    1. Create the associated tests in the tests directory.
    2. Include docstrings for the new modules/classes/functions and the functionality is fully described in the documentation.
  4. Follow the contributing instructions and make sure you include the “Covered by <dco>” line in the commits.

  5. Make a pull request.

For any questions regarding the process of contributing code, please email eti-testplan@morganstanley.com.

Future Work

List of functionality to be added:

  • Remote execution of tests in cloud platforms.
  • CPU/Memory monitoring and visualization.
  • Statistics metrics capturing and visualization.
  • DB exporters for TestReport.
  • Interactive execution runtime and UI.


The authors of Testplan framework are:

  1. John Chiotis
  2. Can Bascil
  3. Christopher Lamb
  4. Kevin Elliott

Testplan was originally developed by developers for developers to test software. It was created inside Morgan Stanley by a small dev team out of their own need to test internal C++ infrastructure libraries. It has since grown to become widely used for all manner of system testing needs, and we’re now very proud to see it released as open source.

We would like to make a special acknowledgment to Amaury C, Adam C, Francois V. and Oliver M. for their pioneering work and contribution!